23/03 au 25/03/19 – Dasht-e Kavir à Dasht-e Lut

We are back to two vehicles (Fabien continued his journey on his side), to finish the visit around Yazd. We settled for the palace and the garden of Dolat that Alaz and Candas had the chance to visit quietly and at night a few days earlier. But at the end of the afternoon and in the middle of Norouz, it is jam-packed… Therefore, we will not appreciate it in the same way, or as long as they did, especially as more people implies more curious glances (even very scrutinizing, my skin color seems intriguing), more requests for photos (the number of Instagram profiles where we must appear!), more advice on what to visit (that, in general, we already know)…

Day under the sign of the Zoroastrian sites, since after the silent towers at the exit of Yazd, we will take the road to Chak Chak, pilgrimage site of the faithful of this ancestral and ultra-minority religion in Iran. A detour of more than 100 km for us, but we do not refuse the pleasure of sharing a few more hours with our fellow travelers.

If the road and the mountains are superb, the site itself is a little disappointing (the crowd does not help), built of quite recent yellow bricks.

This visit will finally push us to decide to leave for Kerman after Yazd, that we think should be less assaulted by tourists than Shiraz. This is where our roads separate: our friends head for Isfahan, and we go to Kerman. Who knows, maybe our roads will meet again in Southeast Asia?

We drive to Saryazd, a small village whose main square will be our bivouac for the night.

After the long drive to Kerman, which will occupy a good part of the next day, we will push an additional 100 km at night and across the mountains to reach Shahdad, where we find Ahmad and his family, met the day before at Chak Chak.

Despite the late hour, they welcome us to Kashkiloo Lodge where they stay, beautiful traditional hotel with an air of mini-oasis with its date palms, its flower garden, and rooms made of palm fiber. Superb evening that will end very pleasantly around tea and the sound of nocturnal insect singing.

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