16/03 au 22/03/19 – Yazd, vieille ville, rencontres et virée dans le désert

Ah, not quite ready finally: the extension of our visas and the preparation of the bike for his first outing, will keep us busy for 4 days.

No particular worries for visas that will be extended in a morning, after a visit from the foreign police (which received from the army the report of our interrogation), for a 2nd verification of our photos (no questioning Iran’s domestic intelligence services not working!).

A little more time needed than expected to get the bike back on track, with the help of Ali, who helped us to park in his street, and especially Candas and Alaz, a very nice Turkish couple, in Land Cruiser.

To this will be added an improbable unblocking phone mission, which must somehow be imported to be used after 30 days in the country: here comes the money (not necessarily much at € 20, but the principle is disturbing)!

We will of course take the time to see the landmarks of this beautiful city, especially at night, starting with the Amir-e Chakhmaq complex and its huge nakhl made of palm wood, decorated and carried by hundreds of volunteers during the commemoration of the martyrdom from Imam Hossein (to your books on the history of Shiism). We will also pass by the magnificent Jameh Mosque several times and its 2 minarets 48m high.

Another curiosity: the ab anbar, huge egg-shaped reservoirs on the surface, several tens of meters deep and equipped with several badgirs, which made it possible to collect and store water all year round. in the middle of the desert. It is above one of them, in a zurkhaney (house of strength), that we will attend the last show of the day (quite touristy) of varsesh-e pahvlavani, traditional physical exercises combining strength and skill.

And of course, all the charm of the old town, with its traditional houses transformed into hotels, its countless alleys at the end of which one would think lead to a dead end, to finally find a square or a busy street.

That’s it, ready for real, it is naturally with Alaz and Candas that we will leave in a small convoy for the desert a few kilometers from the city. We are guided by Amir, who will take us to visit a « ghost » village abandoned by its inhabitants 80 years earlier, before setting for a spot at the foot of small dunes. To get off, no worries, but not sure that Arty is not going to stay there on the climb back…

In the meantime, we take full advantage of a first delicious barbecue at the campfire under the starry sky (a little overshadowed by the full moon), the panorama under the sun, with just enough wind during the day, the bikers take pleasure in turn on the bike that works very well, drones and cameras will not rest much, and children do not get tired of this huge playground.

No more wood or meat for the second night, but a new companion: Fabien, coming from Angers in a pick-up roof-tent, and dislodged with pleasure from his solitary spot.

After a few new trips in the dunes, an umpteenth video of all vehicles in Paris-Dakar mode (in a much slower pace), and the climb up by Arty (equipped with snow chains), we come back in Yazd, in the huge car park on the outskirts of the city well-known by Alas and Candas…and hundreds of Iranian families, in transit through the city: a little isolated in the desert, we had almost forgotten we were in Norouz! We discover and hallucinate when discovering the concept of camping on carpets laid on the asphalt, or in small tents, and the storage of the bike in the hold will be done under many curious eyes.

Finally, the place will be lively without being too noisy, and very good for one night.

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