02/03 au 04/03/19 – Téhéran acte 2 – Sommets et calligraphie persane

Third and last goodbye to the family (who would have thought we would spend so much time in this city), with the promise to meet again when the strength of the Iranian rial and diplomatic relations will allow Alireza (with Ziba this time!) to go back to France.

We take the (limited) risk of driving on the multiple highways and then on the more central axes of Tehran before the official time of truck traffic, and it goes smoothly. Direction the northern districts of the capital, and parking near the gondola that leads to the resort of Tochal, between 2500m and 4000m altitude. Sighting and gathering information to be ready the next day: between shuttles, equipment rental, 45 minutes by cable car and the closure of the station at 15h, it will be necessary to get up early!

Beautiful sun the next day, and as planned with our inertia, and stopping 30 min at 2500m to test the adaptation of Ntyalé, we will finally be at the top at 3900m at 10h.

The resort is nothing special with its 3 tracks and 2 chairlifts, and it’s not cheap, but the snow is perfect, and it will be great for the children! We take turns to manage Ntyalé (a pity for her, no sled track, but at least she stays warm), and with the closure at 15h, the day passes quickly. Goal achieved, we loved it and nobody got sick!

Coming back closer to the center of the city after a day on the slopes, we manage to park in the same quiet place as during our previous stay. Touristic day while waiting for the appointment with Ruhollah, artist and specialist in Persian calligraphy in contact with Loïc, and who is kind enough to contribute to our project of decorating the body of Arty!

Not too ambitious a trip around the Khomeini subway: the portal Bagh-e Meli, entrance to a set of museums and administrative buildings, part of the magnificent Golestan Palace and the e-Shahr Park that I will visit with the children, while Loïc will go to welcome Ruhollah.

We discover the result of this session of graphics in the light of street lights: awesome!

And finally, it is he and his wife who invite us to the restaurant, and offer us a beautiful canvas with calligraphy on a turquoise background, essential color in Persian architecture! We are struck by so much kindness, and leave them with the promise to send them photos of the traveling artwork.

Departure after 22h, bye bye Tehran, heading south-east and to Kashan.

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