3 au 07/12/1397 – Téhéran acte 1 – Visas or not visas?

The traffic around and in such a megalopolis (13 million souls) is obviously not easy (we particularly monitor our right side, appreciated for overtaking and forcing through). Despite the lack of GPS, we will not have too much trouble parking in Chitgar Park, in (distant) periphery.

Here we go with the headaches, between embassies and agencies, limited hours, partial information, round trips in turn to avoid traveling with children, and frequent absence of network (it sometimes feels like having the worst SIM card in the country).

The results: no progress on the side of Pakistan, where the issuance of transit visas is suspended. There remains the option of making them from France, frankly not preferred, because that would mean parting with our papers, in a setting where DHL-type specialized companies suspended their activities with Iran, because of sanctions. And now it’s getting even tighter at the borders with Iran and India a few days later (it’s like they’re doing it on purpose here). Well, we will have to seriously look into the last solution, expensive and last on the list: shipping between Iran and India…

On the Indian side, files simple enough to compile through an agency, but it will take about 10 days instead of the 5 expected… No choice, it forces us not to move too far from Tehran, but we should easily find how to keep busy, starting with Alamut!

And in the middle of all this, very nice encounters: Maryam, who helps us find a place where we park much closer to the center, and especially Muhammad, Zohre and their little Taha, who came to knock at our window, and will welcome us so warmingly: dinner, visit of Azadi Square by night, phone calls to the administrations, information on the sites to visit, …

At the end of these 4 busy days, including a short subway ride with its « Women only » trains (which, during rush hours in particular, do not help to optimize the distribution, the trains reserved for men and accompanied women ending up crowded), we will leave the capital at night (prohibition to circulate for the PL before 10pm), to set the course on the street of Alireza to Qazvin.

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