28/01 au 29/01/19 – Rencontres à Cigdemli

It is in the small village of Ҫiğdemli, chosen randomly, where we decide to stop after leaving Goreme.

Ready to settle in the main square facing the mosque, we find ourselves less than 15 minutes later seated in front of plates full of food in one of the houses of the village, and make the acquaintance of Durmus, who works in France. And even if the circumstances are not the happiest (funeral), we are received like kings, and presented to the members of the numerous family, from the cousin of Denizli to those living in Germany. We appreciate the fact of having an interpreter, it makes exchanging easier!

The meal barely over, an appointment is made for the next day for breakfast at Haroun’s, who absolutely wants to introduce us to his parents.

It will transform into a brunch that we will share with parents, sister, brother-in-law, nephews and nieces, adorable and very welcoming: köfte (meat patties), bread and homemade jams, milk from the milking of that morning, we enjoy while trying to keep up with family discussions, fortunately Durmus is here to translate some parts!

After a short tour of the village by car (the first one in a while, we feel very good so low on the road) and a last goodbye, we continue our journey towards Amasya.

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