12/01 au 15/01/19 – Étapes sur la côte 1/2

Stopped in a parking lot at the edge of a canal, the next afternoon we discover the city and its beautiful marina, after a rainy morning. An impressive number of boats offering cruises on the coast and the surrounding islands are stowed along the pontoon, facing the many restaurants, mostly closed. We imagine how lively it must be during the peak season! Taking a stroll in the hills at sunset, to see the Lycian tombs, before wandering in the city center, and its « Fish Market Restaurant », where you can buy fresh fish and cook it in one of the restaurants around. For us it will be cooking and tasting at home!

The wind turns around, and we are treated to a great sun the next day, perfect for a picnic on one of the beaches of the peninsula, accessible by a beautiful coastal road. We will even have the chance to cross a shipyard where beautiful sailboats get a makeover before the restart of the season.

The meal at the edge of the water will be really nice, by 20 ° C. We’re getting our swimsuits out Loïc goes for a small swimming session, next to families who also came to enjoy this beautiful day. Then the first test of the « Follow Me » mode of the drone and collection of our big laundry left in a (very rare in Turkey) launderette, before leaving the coast for Seydiler and the Saklikent Canyon, one of the curiosities of the region.

It won’t happen this time: with the torrents of water fallen during the last days in these rural and wet heights, the canyon is inaccessible, as the waterfall a few kilometers away. Back to the coast and Patara, presented as the longest sandy beach in Turkey.

The clouds seem to follow us: after a very windy night at the edge of the dunes of Patara, it is under even stronger gusts that we make a tour of this beach, which is also a nesting site for sea turtles. So no tanning in the sun, and we resume following the coastal road to Antalya.

It still blows very hard, and we stop on the way to admire the strong swell and huge waves crashing on the cliffs below. In some places, the waves have wet the road and we must slow down to avoid small landslides.

Stopping at Finike for the night.

Une réflexion sur “12/01 au 15/01/19 – Étapes sur la côte 1/2

  1. Cadiou

    impressionnant la tempête? ici il neige depuis ce matin nous sommes le 22/12/2019 demain ce devrait s’arrêter,
    l’adjointe toujours en arrêt nous tenons le coup et nous voyageons avec vous merci de ces beaux moments bonne route bisous à tous .

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