09/01 au 11/01/19 – Prolongations à Pamukkale

The next day, weather overcast without rain, but no balloons in the air… We were right to follow our hunch!

It will be an opportunity to get to know our companions better: discussions on each other’s travels (some are right in the middle of it, others at the end of the journey in the region), stories of trucks arrangement nightmares, laughs, visits and comparisons of our respective houses, and exchanges of good tips.

As always, no problem for the kids who can play together without exchanging too many words. Edrian and Maëlia are finally conversing in English, Loïc is delighted to see his efforts to speak to them in this language rewarded!

Strolls in the forest and first campfire of the trip lit by Loïc and Edrian. The air has so softened that we can even afford a small meal outside.

We are joined by the Skultcha, Marie and Patrick in their 4 * 4 with a tent on top, coming from South Africa via France, and en route to Egypt.

And we feel so comfortable that everyone stays one more night, to quietly decide on the next step. How lucky to have and take the time…

It is validated, we will go to Fethiye on the coast, to discover, among other things, its Lycian Rock Tombs.

Our paths diverge (at least for the moment): after philosophical discussions on the meaning of the trip and remaking the world, and the photoshoot with the 4 vehicles, it’s time to go, one after another.

We take the southward road, towards the beautiful mountains we can see from afar since our arrival here. It’s going to be a beautiful ride!

We reach Fethiye by night, after driving on an excellent road in plains, and then through mountains and small passes. We see the snow back again in these rural areas, with the typical smell of wood heating smokes reminding us Serbia and Bulgaria.

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