07/01 au 08/01/19 – Izmir – Histoires de dents

We (the two eldest and I) set off early in the afternoon for mission # 2, while Loïc goes downtown with Ntyalé for shopping. Direction Dokuz Eylül Hastanesi, recommended by Nconen, and located 5 km away. Walking in the middle of public works (extension of the tramway apparently), we finally find the right bus.

Reaching the reception, with some keywords in Turkish, prepared in advance, we manage to be understood. Ouch, there is no odontology service. We are sent to the dental center of Narlidere, almost at the bus terminal. Well, at least, it’s not on the other side of town! We finally arrive safely…after the closing of the counters of course (it is already 16:30). No choice, we must come back on the next day, between 08h and 10h. The children complain a bit, but still comply.

On the way back, we try our luck at a dental office, which could avoid us a new round trip. After 1h30 of waiting, the check-up will be done…in the lobby, quickly. Let’s not dream the impossible! Well, we will not get away from that check-up in Narlidere!

Wake up at dawn and with temperatures followed by a bus ride (full) and more direct this time. The dentist who takes care of us, rather quickly, despite the crowd, is very nice. Full assessment, including a röntgen (radio) for 44 TRL: perfect, everything is fine! Next check-up in 3 months (probably in India Inchallah). Goal # 2 fulfilled!

We end up with a bit of shopping in one of the many local supermarkets (common and so practical), then back to the truck.

On the agenda for the future: visit of the huge ancient site of Ephesus south of Izmir the next day, before forking to Pamukkale. That’s until we check the weather… Fair weather expected tomorrow in Pamukkale, then almost a week of rain! Ok, change of plans, it is probably now or never to give ourselves a chance to enjoy the site under the sun before 10 days. We then leave the dynamic and cosmopolitan Izmir (not really visited at the end of the day) earlier than intended, direction Denizli.

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