25/12 au 27/12/18  –  Escapade grecque et passages de frontière

Hello Greece! After a first attempt in Pilla, we have more luck with the second spot which is located in Kastanies, at the edge of a river, accessible via a path dotted with beautiful potholes. Despite the night, the contrast with Bulgaria is visible, just by the houses painted white (unlike the ones in Bulgaria where they are often half-finished).

A day after Christmas, beautiful sun, pretty setting and fresh air. The sandy bed of the river is dry and very passable between puddles, it makes for an original ballad in the middle of the 2 banks. Loïc lets loose and tests the drone and everything it can do.

No need to hurry, we feel comfortable enough to stay here one more night. School in the afternoon, dishes in the translucent water of the river that we also transfer in a few bottles. It allows us to test the charcoal filter: awesome, perfectly drinkable!

We wanted to return to the river for a new shooting with the drone in the morning on the next day, but nope! The valves must have been opened during the night: no sandy bottom, and the water is back!

We finally take the road at the beginning of the afternoon, first attempts driving for Edrian and me (on the small road of course!). Direction the Kastanies border post to go to Turkey. Ouch, turned away again because of our size, we must turn around and go back to…Bulgaria! A small detour of 80 km approximately.

We arrive at Kapitan
Andreevo for the second and most important border crossing of the day! Passports and Bulgarian customs and passports and Turkish customs, with a trip in the x-ray room (which turns out to be an inspection/search by a customs officer in a hangar). The excitement rises as the huge Turkish flag on the other side gets more and more visible, and, hinting at the change of scenery and culture, there is a large mosque right past the barriers.

Stamps and papers in our pockets, Türquiye, here we come!

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