23/12 au 25/12/18  – Noël bulgare

We find the spot in Vetren Dol at night, after disturbing some locals (completely drunk) of what looks like a shanty town. The site has an air of construction and overlooks a former flooded quarry and does not look exceptional, but we will see in the light of day. Sudden wind gusts rise in the middle of the night, it almost feels like being in a boat, swaying like that.

We discover our camp the next day: indeed, nothing exceptional and rather dirty (yes, the plastic bag remains king), two HUGE piles of gravel overlook the quarry, perfect playgrounds for children.

Loïc takes the bikes down and leaves for a reconnaissance mission with the 2 elder siblings, in case there is a better spot a little further. Short walk for Ntyalé and me who started a little later. The explorers come back 30 minutes later: nothing better, we will then stay here for Christmas Day!

Beginning of the meal preparation in the late afternoon. On the menu: squash soup, small salads concocted by children, yogurts and Bulgarian gingerbread. We do not forget the videos and Christmas messages for the family. Everyone enjoys the feast, and we go to bed, leaving the lock open for Santa Claus!

The children discover their gifts hanging on the clothesline in the early morning, super happy! It will be a quiet day playing on the mountains of pebbles, optimizing the organization of the truck and transferring part of the 400L of diesel (which have been with us since we first left France) of the secondary tank to the main tank, all in an air that has cooled significantly.

We set out for the Turkish border after lunch. On the way, a sign indicates Greece is only 8 km away … Hmm … And why not one more country on our itinerary? Come on, after checking that there would be 1 or 2 cool spots, right over the border, we fork. Arriving at the border post where the Bulgarian customs officers start sulking a bit, but we go through. Here we go for a Greek getaway!

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