12/12 au 16/12/18 – Petit goût de Dolce Vita

The crossing of Italy will be done northwards, with Venice as our flagship destination. So no passing through Como and Bergamo this time as the weather does not look engaging, and we keep that part in the oven for a future romantic trip.

On December 12, the first bivouac in Vinadio is very friendly and quiet, a small village located 20 km after crossing the border.

260 km further on, after crossing rather monotonous and flat landscapes, between agricultural fallows and industrial zones, our wanderings quickly led us to the south of Milan, on the frosted banks of the river Po, in San Gionvanni del Castellano. Perfect bucolic setting near an inn and its small poultry!

We finally arrive near Venice on Friday night, after a new ride without much interest, and have no trouble finding the San Giuliano campsite. No problem either, given the season, parking the 8 meter truck. Connected to electricity, small late meal and sleep well deserved!

Yesss! Great sun the next day for the visit of the city of the Doges! After the routine instruction, our meal and a small laundry, time to depart for Venice in the bus. The kids’ wonderment is really visible, and we’re giving them a whole show (at least as much as their small legs can take): vaporetto, Piazza San Marco, restaurant, pizza and spaghetti, splendid sunset on the Rialto. The return to the bus station will be taking the form of a leisurely walk, playing hide-and-seek in the streets as night falls. A beautiful day ending!

We awaken the day after under grey skies: yesterday really was a lucky day! One last good hot shower before heading back to Trieste 150 km farther, which we heard good reviews about. Unfortunately, the night creeps on us rather quickly: for the view from the road overlooking the azure reflections of the Adriatic Sea, it’s a miss! It does not matter, the city illuminated with Christmas lights does not lack charm, we take a quick walk there (not easy to park).

Then we head for our bivouac in Sant Antonio del Bosco, a few kilometers from the Slovenian border. But the very narrow and sloping roads, the weight restrictions make us change plans: crossing of the border will be a few hours in advance. The arrival in Socerb in Slovenia is done by a small winding road…

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