16/12 au 17/12/2018  – 24h slovènes

Arrival around 21h at Grad Socerb, remains of a castle converted into a restaurant, overlooking the 2 countries. We test once again the good insulation of the truck: the wind’s blowing outside, but we hardly sway, and above all we’re not cold! Some cars stop near the truck and leave: lovers admiring the view, late partygoers… the site looks well known, but nothing that prevents us from spending a very good night.

We get up the next day under a rather overcast sky, but the view remains clear and we can admire Italian Trieste on one side and the Slovenian hills on the other.
Small morning walks with the inauguration of the drone on the wooded site, quite frequented by walkers.

School, meal, digestive walk and we leave again at 15h, direction Piran which is announced by our guide « World » as the Slovenian Venice. And even if it does not seem easy to park there, we still try. Result, drawing a blank there: impossible to park with our colossus, the sun is declining and in addition it looks more like a Riviera than Venice…

We quickly decide to advance our plans and to go to the Croatian border which is nearby. And even if some sites in Slovenia are worth a look (including the capital Lubljana), most are closed or inaccessible in this season, so no need for detours.

Direction Lukini, just before the border post, after refueling. And a little problem: we are too heavy to take this route (of course, when you are programmed in car mode… you can’t guess). The friendly customs officers tell us the road to take: a whole 35 km detour. U-turn, direction Starod, further north-east. Fortunately it’s a small country!

Hop, lD vérification, and we are Croatian!

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