05/12 au 08/12/18 – Encore un peu de mécanique

We discover our 2nd bivouac in the light of day, very pretty with some farms around. Morning walk for Loïc and the 2 eldest (a little more inertia for Ntyalé and Mariam), very successful since they come back with a HUGE BOLET (mushroom)! After checking with the farmer, it is edible: it’s bound to be a delicious omelette! ‘Hellos’ left and right to the donkeys and sheep in the fields.

No school today, so we decide to leave fast enough to be in the Cantal early afternoon and enjoy the light of day. The 140 kms are achieved in 3h30. Meeting with Franck the mechanic and his family. We set our house up in their garden, and we get to know each other. Obviously, the discussion turns around mechanics. A quick tour of the truck, Franck points out that we do not have a lot of leeway with our shock absorber blades because of the weight. We knew it but…that’s how it is, we are not going to change our container now, and we’ll see how it is going to work out later on. Loïc rides the truck on wheel chocks for it to stay flat…seeing him moving, we take the measure of the weight of the beast.Impressive!
The children have found a new game partner and furry friends too, and are having a lot of fun. New warm night in the truck.

The next day, wet awakening because the rain started during the night. Not the best conditions to tinker with the engine, but it will not discourage these gentlemen! Short walk in the forest for Mariam and the children.

Tasting of the bolet omelette for dinner. Succulent!

We wake up in an even more humid and cold environment the next day, the ground begins to become muddy. Very little time spent outside, the children are busy playing and watching cartoons. Franck ends up with a cold after continuously working in the rain, and it does not get better the next day…Too bad, the mounting will not be for this time. We decided to resume the road in the afternoon. The positive side is that they spotted where the kit should be positioned, bought and machined the parts that are fitting well. We will try to assemble it later during the trip.

Direction Aigues-Mortes for this night via Rodez and Millau, taking the opportunity for a little surprise hello to Tata Sydney in Montpellier around 11pm! Arriving a little later at the spot located on the edge of a canal, with the first small stretch of a nice track.

2 réflexions sur “05/12 au 08/12/18 – Encore un peu de mécanique

    1. Bonjour,
      Nous l’avons (enfin!) monté il y a 3 semaines (eh oui, une fois qu’on est parti, pas si évident que ça de se poser à nouveau et de trouver le matériel manquant). Malheureusement, le CCPWM a cramé au bout de 2 secondes…donc kit à nouveau à l’arrêt en attendant d’essayer de s’en faire envoyer un nouveau :(. Nous étions en contact avec un autre utilisateur qui a réussi à le faire fonctionner sur son camion, voici son contact sur Messenger : Chris Fusionlive. Bon courage à vous pour le montage!


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