08/12 au 12/12/18  –  En famille et première frontière

Waking up gently but without too much drag either, at the edge of the canal. We would have stayed a little more on this very nice spot, but we are expected around 11am at the cousins’!
It was without counting on an encounter with very active « yellow vests ». Result: a bypass of Arles through Beaucaire and arrival in Ventabren around 13:30. Well, it will still be ok for dessert.

We park the truck in the garden with no problem, and young and old are delighted to meet and share 3 days in the sweetness of La Provence: trampoline, Aix’s Christmas market, common sleeps, raclette, and discussions redoing our worlds around a good glass of wine… Even if we are not living with the same rhythm (yes, some work and go to school), we all enjoy that time together!

After 2 turns doing laundry (hmm hmm, we will have to slow down the pace), the filling of water supplies, photos of the ‘cousinade’ and goodbyes, we take the road on Wednesday at lunch time. « Small » refueling of fuel and food, and we head to Italy…via the Alps (yes, let’s be crazy)! We have of course verified that the Larche pass that we plan to take was clear, and it will test the first serious climbs!

We discover the almost winterish landscapes of the Alps de Hautes Provence then the Hautes Alps: Sisteron, Villars, Vars, and begin the climb of the pass well after dark. Access to the pass is clear, Loïc manages very well the zigzags (oops, no vomit), and we arrive at the border submerged in the dark and the cold around 20h. We do not forget to take photos to immortalize the moment, with the first flag given by Adeline!
We do not linger too much and go back down to gain a few degrees, just to avoid for the engine to cough too much tomorrow morning. Quiet descent towards Italy.

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