04/12/2018  –  On prend nos marques

This first bivouac delivers everything promised: a small morning walk around the pond after breakfast and before school, in a perfect autumn setting and a bonus and much appreciated mild temperature.

Lunch prepared with our diesel hotplate that works very well, we’ll just need to anticipate a little when several dishes have to be cooked.

Starting up around 3 pm, through the departmental and national roads. We learn to convert the durations indicated by the GPS into customized durations, because our average is around 40 to 50 km/h… Good thing, we’re in no hurry, and it helps to learn how to manage the road, tame this truck now well loaded, occupy the children, take care ourselves.

All this still takes us on a journey of 5 to 6 hours for 300 km, and we are particularly happy to stop in a location south of Limoges, in a village near a pond. It is not possible to cross the bridge limited at 3t, but we easily find a small location nearby. The low temperatures (4 or 5 °C) push us in our bivouac for the second night, looking for warmth.

2 réflexions sur “04/12/2018  –  On prend nos marques

  1. Christelle

    Super aventure ! Pour avoir pris une année sabbatique et en plein travail de réadaptation car revenue en France France depuis peu, je pense que avoir mis en location votre maison est une très bonne chose !!! En effet, j’ai eu énormément de difficultés à me reloger car je n’avais pas bulletins de salaire récents (alors même que mon employeur avait fait un courrier expliquant la situation ! 😅). Bonne continuation.


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