17/12 au 20/12/2018  –  Croatie sous la neige

Driving to Opatija, then Rijeka in which we finally give up to stop (too bad, this coastal city looks pretty with its road dipping into the sea), before we definitively move away from the Adriatic coast. Direction Lokve, on the banks of the lake. The main roads are clean and cleared of snow, but the paths to these privileged places, probably already difficult to reach in the summer, are downright impassable. We push a little further towards the village, but there too the snow will triumph over our perseverance. Back to the entrance of the village, and we finally park in a rest area next to a small illuminated chapel. The kids are excited about the big piles of snow waiting for them the next day.


As expected, the kids do not waste time to put on their jumpsuits and go rolling in the snow, and time flies. Departure in the afternoon, direction full east. Always as much snow on the side-roads: Karlovac, then Zagreb, and finally Fuka where our next bivouac is after having crossed the Slovenian border. It is cold, but it will probably be awesome after awakening!


What we saw the night before holds its promise once the sun is up. A very peaceful, frosted decor at -5 ° C. Games of throwing musical pebbles in the pond, discovery of the plants at the edge of the pond, observation of the few birds defying the cold. We ‘set sail’ at 15:30 towards the Serbian border with a night stop in a family campsite in Kopacevo.
Crossing snowy plains, and the night obviously falls very quickly, the winter solstice is not too far! We arrive around 20:30 after getting a little lost on a small path. And of course, the campsite is closed in this season! Fortunately, the owners are present and very nice, allowing us to park in their garden and have access to electricity and WiFi for free! So we settled down quietly, some WhatsApp messages with the family before the meal and a good sleep.

As soon as they wake up on the next morning, children motivate themselves to decorate our house, which is great. Games in the snow and with the small electric cars of the little boy of our host family. Loïc returns from the inspection of the gallery (which makes a strange noise since the day before): the welding of the front right attachment fastening lug begins to give way… Nothing dramatic, but still annoying. In the meantime, we secure it with an extra strap that just spoils the view through the windshield.
We finally set out around 16h, to arrive after sunset at the Serbian border, in Erdut. The exit from Croatian territory is done without worries.

3 réflexions sur “17/12 au 20/12/2018  –  Croatie sous la neige


    Merci pour toutes les explications cela fait plaisir de vous suivre chaque jour , nous découvrons grâce a vous des paysages superbes ainsi que les monuments cela nous donne envie de vous retrouver ,bonne continuation de tout cœur avec vous bisousssssss merci aussi pour la vidéo de Noêl cela fait chaud au cœur .



    merci MARIAM pour tous ces détails, je vous suis pas à pas,ou roue à roue, c’est très agréable , j’espère que les enfants apprécient, bonne route nous sommes avec vous,courage à LOIC pour la conduite et les aléas mécaniques ,on voudrait pourvoir aider, mais en vain , seulement en pensées positives.
    bisous à tous et bonne route ,

    allez vous manger la galette ???


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