03/12/2018  – Jour J – Enfin!!!

After 3 years of thinking, questioning, talking, after buying a first truck finally sold and replaced by a second one equipped within a very short schedule, HERE WE ARE!
We make a long story short about the long and complicated search of a place to park and work on the truck in our Parisian suburbs, the infructuous selling of our home sweet hom,e eventually rented, the moving out…without forgetting all the administrative steps with such a trip (insurances, schooling, vaccinations, visas,…). October and November 2018 have been quite an intense period. Still don’t really know how we did, but we made it!

Here we are then, leaving Argenteuil and the rear next to the warehouse which shelterd Arty, after 3 concluding first nights all together.

Last and emotional pictures with super Papy Guy who’s been so helpful during the preparation particularly over the last weeks. A BIG THANK YOU to grand-parents!! And big thoughts for the whole family and friends who supported us!
One last goodbye to CEDRE, our first sponsor without whom the end of the works would have been much more complicated. And last check of tyres pressure and of weight : oops, sounds we’re quite high on the weight curve…

GPS set to Orleans, and after a quick h to the colleagues in Spazio, we leave for good. The traffic is quite fluid, and after a 3-hour trip avoiding toll roads (more expensive for the trucks), we reach Bucy-saint-Liphard and our first night stop found with Park4night app. Little wood close to a piece of water, sounds great. First night feelings in the middle of the trees and their branches scratching our Plexiglas windows. The LED light added at the front of the truck proves to be very helpful. We park the truck on a flat area, and have a little walk in the dark to reassure the kids. We then even had a little check by the police, making sure we were staying only for one night.
Then first and well-deserved sleep on the road for everybody!

Plan for tomorrow : detour on the way to Aurillac. Why Cantal on early December?! Well, to try setting an hydrogen kit on the engine, so that we consume less fuel and hence pollute less, and the only person available to help at that time lives there. Let’s see then!

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